Crushing cars is becoming popular entertainment in Lithuania

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September 2, 2017
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Crushing cars is becoming popular entertainment in Lithuania

VILNIUS – A new form of entertainment is becoming more and more popular in Lithuania – smashing and destroying everything around: from plates to cars.

Vilnius resident Egidijus with friends is trying out new activity – he has smashed a car with a baseball bats and then crushed it with an excavator.

He says the experience has been very exciting because it was the first time he could ‘destroy property legally’.

This adventure polygon says it’s the only park in Europe where having some fun with an excavator, a bulldozer, a loader or a mini loader is as easy as renting a bike.

The organizers were surprised to see that the main clients of this smashing and crushing entertainment are women: mainly they book the smashing session for hen parties, also husbands give it as a gift to their wives.

Psychiatrist says this activity for adults can be useful because you can let all the inner aggression out but he would not recommend it for children.

Crushing a car with an excavator costs 180 euros. However, there are cheaper areas: smashing session in a room full of plates and other dishes costs 35 euros. In order to protect the environment from pollution, the engine, battery, transmission, fuel tank and hazardous fluids are removed from the car during the crushing.



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