Hollywood actor Vyto Ruginis to make Lithuanian film debut

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Hollywood actor Vyto Ruginis to make Lithuanian film debut

Egle Mikulionyte and Vyto Ruginis star in "Stebuklas" (Miracle)

TORONTO – Longtime Lithuanian Hollywood actor Vyto Ruginis will make his Lithuanian film debut in a new movie directed by Egle Vertelyte titled “Stebuklas” (Miracle), which will make its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 7.

“Stebuklas” is about a middle-aged woman Irena, played by Lithuanian actress Egle Mikulionyte, who lives a dreary life in a small, Lithuanian town. Despised by her co-workers at the struggling post-Soviet pig farm she manages, childless Irena is also stuck toiling for her bumbling, alcoholic husband. She isn’t a hit with the townspeople either, who resent the seemingly preferential treatment she received from the local housing authority.

Everything changes with the arrival of a boisterous American-Lithuanian stranger intent on buying the farm while pledging to make Lithuania great again. Despite arousing everyone’s suspicions, Bernardas (Vyto Ruginis) brings the whole town to life, even timid, introverted Irena, who soon falls under his charismatic sway. Will this newfound vitality be the town’s — and Irena’s — saving grace… or its undoing?

The movie will be shown at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 7, 8, 10, 14 and 16.

The film is expected to premiere in Lithuania in December.

The son of Lithuanian WWII refugee immigrants, Vyto (Vytautas) Ruginis was born in 1956 in Wolverhampton, England, & grew up in Chicago, USA.

Ruginis has appeared in such films as “Moneyball” w/ Brad Pitt, “Devils Advocate” w/ Al Pacino & Keanu Reeves, “Cliffhanger” w/ Sylvester Stallone, “Broken Arrow” w/ John Travolta & Christian Slater, “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” w/ Whoopi Goldberg, “The Fast & The Furious”, “Auto Focus”, & many more.

Ruginis currently is a regular on the hit TV-show NCIS: Los Angeles where he plays a former Russian KGB agent Arkady Kolcheck. He also has made guest appearances in many TV shows like “Law & Order”, “CSI”, “CSI Miami”, “X-Files”, “Cold Case”, “West Wing”, “ER”, “Boston Legal”, “Star Trek: Next Generation”, “Without a Trace”, “Miami Vice”, “JAG”, “Crossing Jordan”, & many more.

Along with movies & TV shows, Ruginis has appeared in many commercials including Elizabeth Taylor’s famous “White Diamonds” commercial.

By: Linas Johansonas / LTnews

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