Iran enjoys high capacity to attract medical tourists from Europe

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December 7, 2018
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December 7, 2018

Iran enjoys high capacity to attract medical tourists from Europe

Lithuanian Honorary Consul in Tehran

Last year, India in Iran’s neighborhood managed to earn $400 million worth of revenue through medical tourism, he said, adding, “in this regard, Islamic Republic of Iran can also earn high revenues in in this lucrative industry due to its high level of medical and healthcare services especially in its equipped hospitals and medical treatment centers.”

“Focusing on health tourism is of our main priorities and considering the significant medical facilities and high level of medical knowledge in the country, we are going to bring medical tourists from Lithuania and then from its neighboring countries into the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he maintained.

Medial tourist is definitely worthwhile for Iran which can inflow currency into the country, he said, adding, “if medical facilities in the country are introduced to foreign tourists appropriately, more revenues will be injected into the country as well.”

To introduce Iran’s attractions to Lithuania, “we have corresponded with the Tourism Department of the country, so that we will negotiate and expand our relationship with the Lithuanian tour and travel agencies in the next step.”

“Like any other European countries, I am sure that Lithuanian tourists will be excited to see Iranian cities such as Shiraz, Kerman and Isfahan,” Karimi Tabbasi reiterated.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he put the number of tourists visited Lithuania in 2017 at 2.5 million.

“There is still no direct flight between Islamic Republic of Iran and Lithuania but we are negotiating with the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for launching direct flight between the two countries if possible,” he concluded.

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