Jurga Šeduikytė USA tour dates

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August 30, 2017
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Jurga Šeduikytė will tour the USA in support of her new album "Not Perfect"

CLEVELAND – Lithuanian music star Jurga Šeduikytė will be touring the USA this fall in support of her new album “Not Perfect”.

These dates have been announced:
*Sept. 23 – Atlanta, Georgia – City of Light 
*Sept. 27 – StPetersburg, Florida – Lithuanian-American Club
*Sept. 30 & Oct. 1 – LosAngeles, California – Lithuanian Days Festival 
*Oct. 13 – Cleveland, Ohio – Lithuanian Club’s Amber Ballroom
*Oct. 14 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Lithuanian Music Hall

Tickets for St. Petersburg and Cleveland available online via: eventbrite.com

Tickets for Atlanta available online via: lietuviaiatlantoje.org

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