Lithuania bans Russian TV channel for 1 year

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Lithuania bans Russian TV channel for 1 year

VILNIUS – Lithuanian national broadcast regulator has decided to suspend the broadcast of Russian TV channel RTR-Planeta in Lithuania, reports The ban has been issued for one year taking into account requirements of the EU and Lithuanian legislation on incitement of war, enmity and and national hatred. The regulator said content including this type of incitement was registered three times in 2017. 

The LRTK immediately contacted the broadcaster and the institution that registered it in Sweden, as well as informed the EC about the situation. However, it received no feedback from RTR Planeta, while the Swedish Broadcasting Commission has no competence to take the necessary measures to ensure RTR Planeta does not repeat the violations.

Operators and ISPs working in Lithuania will have to stop broadcasting the channel from 23 February of this year until 23 February 2019. 


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