Lithuania honors its cheese with new stamp

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Lithuania honors its cheese with new stamp

Lithuania's new stamp honoring its cheese heritage

VILNIUS – A new 52¢ stamp from Lithuania honoring cheese as part of its culinary heritage has been released.

Rasa Kruopaite-Laliene, head of the corporate affairs department of Lietuvos Pastas (Lithuania Post) said in announcing this stamp, “We are delighted that we are able to contribute to the preservation of authentic culinary heritage, the promotion of its popularity and the continuity of traditions … Every time that letters and parcels marked with the new postage stamp go on a symbolic culinary journey, they will present the exceptional product of Lithuania to the entire world.”

The tradition of making cheese in Lithuania dates back to the middle ages when it was produced at manor houses.

The new-issue announcement from Lietuvos Pastas said, “The production process has remained almost unchanged to these days. Fresh cheese, pressed according to old Lithuanian traditions, is often seasoned with coarse salt, chopped garlic or caraway seeds and is considered as an exceptional gift for a foreign guest interested in the country culinary heritage.”

Designed by D. Vildziunas, the stamp depicts a caraway plant in addition to the cheese. The Estonian printer Vaba Maa printed this stamp by offset in sheets of 50.

This is the second time this century that Lithuania has promoted its cheese on a postage stamp. Cheese and a cow pictured on a 1.70-litas stamp issued in 2005, part of the multination Europa series with the theme of gastronomy.

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