Lithuania receives new batch of Unimog U5000 military trucks

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Lithuania receives new batch of Unimog U5000 military trucks


The Lithuanian Armed Forces has received the delivery of 54 Unimog U5000 trucks from the Nato Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA).

Later this month, the Defence Materiel Agency under the Ministry of National Defence is expected to sign an updated agreement with the Nato agency for the procurement of the Unimog vehicles in 2019.

Based on preliminary data, Daimler would need to supply an additional 110 trucks to the Lithuanian Armed Forces by September next year.

A fleet of 142 trucks can be ordered and delivered to the country between 2020 and 2021.

The tactical vehicles are deployed into service with the Lithuanian Land Force and other units. They are used to supplement equipment fleets with the same technical characteristics that Lithuania’s army troops are already familiar with.

Manufactured by German company Daimler, Unimog U5000 vehicles have a permissible load capacity of 5t.

The trucks are designed with a flexible frame concept for high body rigidity on the road and high torsional flexibility for off-road applications.

They also feature an all-wheel drive (AWD) capability with differential locks at both axles, and portal axles to ensure ground clearance.

In 2015, the Lithuanian Armed Forces signed an agreement with Daimler for the procurement of 340 Unimog trucks in order to upgrade its vehicle fleet.

The contract also included provision for logistical support over the first 15 years of operation, in addition to the delivery of specialised tools and testing equipment.

The armed forces previously received 88 Unimog U5000 trucks from the NSPA.

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