Lithuanian army brigade affiliated to German army division

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Lithuanian army brigade affiliated to German army division


Lithuanian Army brigade has been affiliated to German Army division amid closer military cooperation between the two countries, local media reported on Monday by quoting a Sunday statement from the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

According to the affiliation agreement signed between Lithuanian and German commanders, Mechanized Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf has been affiliated to a German Army division.

Lithuanian commanders believe the affiliation would ensure the Iron Wolf Brigade’s readiness to operate “in composition of a superior military unit”, enhancing its training.

“It will also improve interoperability with the German-led NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group,” the Commander of the Lithuanian Land Force Brigadier General Valdemaras Rupsys was quoted as saying by local media.

German side described the agreement as “one more stone to the wall” that both countries are building together.

“Affiliation of the Iron Wolf Brigade to a German Army division will strengthen our cooperation like never before,” said the Commander of the German Field Army Lieutenant General Jorg Vollmer.

Germany is leading the multinational Enhanced Forward Presence Battalion deployed in Lithuanian by NATO in response to tensions in the Eastern Europ

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