Lithuanian language watchdog group backs original name spelling on ID document’s

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Lithuanian language watchdog group backs original name spelling on ID document’s

Lithuanian alphabet

(VILNIUS) – The Lithuanian language watchdog proposes to allow using non-Lithuanian Latin-based characters for spelling names on the main page of personal identity documents.

The State Commission of the Lithuanian Language, or VLKK, gave its opinion on Monday after discussing two alternative bills on the spelling of non-Lithuanian characters in identity documents.

“While approving of the key provision of both draft laws that calls for using Lithuanian characters to spell the first and last names of Lithuanian citizens in identity documents and taking into account the needs of society, (the commission) proposes that the legislature should provide for the possibility of recording a person’s forename and surname in Latin-based characters in those places of the passport and the identity card where data identifying the person are entered,” VLKK said.

According to the commission, exceptions should be precisely defined and based on a clear source, such as a foreign national’s identity document and other official documents.

One of the two bills tabled to the parliament propose to allow using the letters “x”, “w” and “q”, which do not exist in the Lithuanian alphabet, on the main page of an identity document, and the other calls for such names to be spelled in their original form on an additional page of one’s passport.

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  1. Milda says:

    F never was part of the alphabet.

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