Lithuania’s president in Brussels to discuss cyber security

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Lithuania’s president in Brussels to discuss cyber security

Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaite in Brussels

BRUSSELS – Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaitė is in Brussels attending the European Council where cooperation of EU member states in defense is being discussed. With Europe focusing more on its security, Lithuania’s proposals on the joint EU response to cyber threats become part of EU defense and security policy.

According to the President, in the 21st century, cyber security is as important as state border protection. When cyber space is used for reaching geopolitical goals, individual protection efforts are not sufficient. The European Union is capable of countering cyber threats when acting in unison, rapidly and decisively.

Now there is an EU wide recognition of the necessity for the EU member states to exchange information expeditiously as well as to jointly develop cyber defense capabilities, common measures for rapid response to cyber-attacks and technologies for preventing threats. The President presented these proposals for the enhancement of EU cyber defense in the EU Digital Summit held last month.

Lithuania‘s experience in enhancing its defense, including response to cyber threats, is useful to the entire Europe. Therefore, we are with the EU member states that will mobilize their efforts for more effective cooperation in the area of military industry, more rapid response to international crises and simplified movement of military equipment between the member states as early as by the end of this year. The efforts will enhance EU security and contribute to NATO capacities without duplicating them.

For Lithuania, this means more security as well as new opportunities for business. Lithuanian lasers are already used in the development of anti-missile defense and in other military technologies in the U.S., U.K., France, Sweden, Norway and Israel. A more intense military cooperation and the European Defense Fund under establishment present new funding opportunities and a niche for innovative Lithuanian businesses to establish themselves in the EU defense industry.


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