LTnews editor reveals his father was a Lithuanian “Forest Brother”

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August 2, 2017
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LTnews editor reveals his father was a Lithuanian “Forest Brother”

Never before seen photo of Henrikas Johansonas (middle) as a partisan in Lithuania

CLEVELAND – With the Lithuanian “Forest Brothers” aka partisans being in the news recently & in the spirit of full disclosure, LTnews Editor Linas Johansonas revealed  on his personal Facebook page that his father Henrikas Johansonas was a Lithuanian partisan & fought against the Soviet occupation of Lithuania after WW2.

On Tuesday, Linas posted a never before seen photo of his father as a partisan with 2 unnamed freedom fighters taken around 1945 in the Samogitia (Zemaitija) region of Lithuania.

Within the last month, the Russian Foreign Ministry has increased its propaganda war against Lithuania spreading fake history about the Forest Brothers freedom fighters.

During the past few weeks, Linas revealed in a few Lithuanian discussion groups on Facebook that his father was a partisan for which he received negative attacks from some group members. One person asked “was your dad a Jew murderer?”, another wrote “I’m happy to see you finally admit that your dad was a murderer.”. One person even went as far as accusing Linas’ father of changing his last name to enter the USA after WW2 by writing “the Melamed list has the name of your father among the murderers.” &  “His family has changed the last name in the USA…many excollaborators did this”.

In response, Linas not only posted a photo of his father as a partisan, but also posted a photo of his fathers elementary school report card from 1934-35 in Lithuania when his father was 11 years old, proving his father used the same name throughout his entire life.

When asked for a comment, Linas said “I’m very proud of my father, who as a young man, fought for Lithuania’s freedom with the partisans. I’m glad he finally got to see a free & independent Lithuania before he died”.

Henrikas Johansonas passed away in Cleveland, Ohio USA in 2008. All of his personal photos & documents are currently stored at the Cleveland Lithuanian Archive Center in the USA.

By: Paulius Ruksenas / LTnews

Henrikas Johansonas’ elementary school report card from 1934-35 in Lithuania

Henrikas Johansonas on the Gen. Ballou ship in July, 1949, coming to America. The person on the right is Leonas Kazenas.

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  1. jurate says:

    I find it infuriating that Russian propaganda are calling partisans nazis. My grandad was a forest brother, and he was no nazi, he just wanted free Lithuania. And for soviet aggression against Lithuanians to stop

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