Recipe: Easy Dill Pickles

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October 10, 2017
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Recipe: Easy Dill Pickles

Aurelia Kas of Chicago, USA shows us the dill pickles she made using this recipe.


The following easy recipe for making Lithuanian-style dill pickles was submitted by Jurgita Aleksandraviciute of Chicago, USA to the “I Love Lithuanian Food” group on Facebook. Many group members have tried this recipe and give it very good reviews. Try it for yourself.


12 fresh cucumbers ( cut ends off and then cut them across or in half ),

1 tablespoon of salt,

handful of fresh dill,

2 cloves of garlic minced.

Put all the ingredients in a plastic bag and close tightly. All done. You can enjoy crunchy pickles in the matter of 3 hours.  No water needed!


Comments by “I Love Lithuanian Food” group members:

*Liga Zemesarajs – “I have gotten a couple of people addicted to this recipe! It is FANTASTIC!”

*Dana Milius – “I was a bit skeptical at first….but I tried it, and it was absolutely GREAT! Thanks for the recipe”

*Neringa Marija Perminas Atkinson – “I made them Saturday. Best pickles ever!” 

*Sandra Abramovich – “I made these for the first time Thursday. Had them with dinner last night, really crunchy and delicious!”

*Sue Kozak-Degutis – “I tried this last week for the first time and brought to a party for everyone to try. Everyone was skeptical about the 3 hour pickles but when they started eating, they were all believers. What a GREAT, EASY recipe!!! Thank you!!!!!! Have already made a second batch to keep in my fridge!”

*Vida Mikalonis – “It was a hit, even with the grandchildren (ages 7 and 9)” 

Stan Jarin says
“Just tried them. It works. Be careful to calculate the correct salt proportion – My first attempt had too much salt. 3 hours and it’s fresh and tangy.”




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