Russians release names & photos of hundreds of alleged Lithuanian “elves”

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January 8, 2018
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Russians release names & photos of hundreds of alleged Lithuanian “elves”

VILNIUS – In an effort to intimidate, a Russian propaganda website has published the names and photos of several hundred alleged Lithuanian “elves”, patriotic volunteers from all walks of life who fight against the anti-Lithuanian Russian cyber-war on social media.
Pro-Russian hackers infiltrated one of the secret “elf” groups on Facebook and used its membership roster to compile this list.
The list included the names of members of Lithuania’s parliament including Gabrielius Landsbergis, Mantas Adomenas, Arvydas Anusauskas, Vilnius Mayor Remigijus Simasius, famous Lithuanian TV-show host Algis Ramanauskas, and many journalists who work for Associated Press, Delfi, 15min., Lietuvos Rytas, LRT, and LTnews editor Linas Johansonas.
When asked about his name being on the list, Johansonas replied: “It’s no secret that LTnews fights against anti-Lithuanian Russian propaganda. The “elves” are all about facts and the truth in battling disinformation about Lithuania , and so is LTnews.”
Many on the list work for various Lithuanian government agencies, Lithuanian armed forces, Lithuanian universities, or own successful businesses. Even the organist/choirmaster at the Gates of Dawn is on the list along with an employee of the USA embassy in Vilnius.
After the list was posted, many of the people who appear on it responded on social media by saying that being on the list “was a badge of honor”.

By: Paulius Ruksenas/LTnews


  1. Hey, Russkies, add me also into the list, psl. What I should do?

  2. Albert says:

    Yeah, me, too… Always fighting those POS trolls online.

  3. Rimantas Ambrozaitis says:

    MY congratulations to all who are o n this list. Indeed you have reason to be proud

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